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Franconian „Schaeuferle”

I´m sure you know what a „Schweinshaxe“ is - but have you ever tried a „Schaeuferle”? If not, please try this recipe - you´ll love it.

Schaeuferle with red cabbage, chestnuts, a potato-dumping and gravy
Schaeuferle with red cabbage, chestnuts,
a potato-dumping and gravy


In Southern Germany, especially in Franconia, the „Schaeuferle” is one of the best known regional specialties. In every restaurant with home-style cooking you will have the chance to try it. This dish is made of a pork shoulder. Also in Baden (Germany) and in Switzerland people love to cook this piece of meat. In comparison to the Franconian recipe, the “Schaeufele” in Baden or the “Schuefeli” in Switzerland is cured and smoked.

The word „Schaeuferle” originates from the word “Schaufelblatt”. Translated in English this means bladebone or shoulder blade. This part of the body looks like a little shovel.

The Franconian „Schaeuferle” is a roast and has to be cooked and served with its bladebone and rind. There are many kinds of side dishes you can choose - mostly it depends on in which region you are staying. In Central Franconia potatoe dumplings, red cabbage and mixed salad mostly is served with your „Schaeuferle”. In Upper Franconia people prefer sauerkraut instead of red cabbage and in Lower Franconia savoy cabbage.

As the „Schaeuferle” is not very common in the USA, please look for a German meat market near your hometown. Mostly you can find instructions how to cut this in the internet.

This is what you need for 4 persons:

Vegetables (Carrots, celery, garden leek, parsley

4x750 g pork shoulders with bladebone and rind
1 big onion
3 cloves
Garden leek
Salt and pepper
2 Teaspoon ground caraway seeds
3 Garlic cloves
2 Teaspoon potato flour
1200 ml water

Now let´s start cooking:

Cut the rind crosswise

Please wash and dry the meat. Then cut the rind crosswise

(leave about 0,5 cm space between every cut).


rub the seasoning on the meat

salt the rind

Now mix salt, pepper, the ground caraway seeds and the smashed garlic cloves together

and rub the seasoning on the meat.






The rind only has to be salted.

Stick the cloves into the onion

Cut the vegetables into pieces, peel the onion and stick the cloves into it and mince the parsley.

Schaeuferle, vegetables and water in a roaster

Put the „Schaeuferle” in a roaster. Then pour the water into it. Now add the vegetables, parsley, salt and pepper.

Please do not forget to pour some sauce on the meat

The  „Schaeuferle” has to stay in the oven for approximately two to three hours (at 390° - 430°F). Please don't forget to pour some sauce over the meat once in a while.

As soon as the rind develops some bubbles and has a brownish color, it is time to fix the plates. The meat is perfectly done, if it falls off the bone.

Strain the sauce and mix it with some potato flour, salt and pepper. You also can add some beer to it, if you like.

Put one „Schaeuferle”, a potato dumpling and some red cabbage with chestnuts on a plate and pour some gravy on it. Enjoy!

Schauferle with a potatoe dumpling, red cabbage with chestnuts and gravy


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