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Welcome to “Eranie´s German-American-Kitchen-Secrets”



My name is Eranie Funderburk - the person writing these lines. Eranie Funderburk

You might wonder what is it all about and why reading another blog with German and other European recepes? The answer is very simple - because I combine both, the American and the German culture.

Part of my family lives in the US, that´s why I still have a good connection to my birth country. As an American living in Germany, I would like to show you some fascinating sides of my home country. Here you can find out some secrets about the German and other European cultures and enjoy cooking and eating a whole lot of good tasting food.

The story of my life started with a German-American love story. My parents met here for the first time and fell in love. My dad was stationed at a US-Army base in Bavaria and worked there as a cook. My Mom was a German employee working in the mess hall of the military barracks. They got married and a few years later I was born in Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Until I was 7 years old, we moved a lot (Germany <-> USA, back and forth). In 1976 my parents decided settle down in Germany for good. But meanwhile, my parents and my sister moved back to the States - but this is another story I will tell you another time …

As half-American and half-German I also have inherited a lot from my grandparents. I am very proud my great-grandfathers old notebook. He was my mom´s grandfather and he worked as a pastry chef for the German Emperor Wilhelm II. And then there are so many recipes from my fathers family - thanks Mom for providing me so many yummy secrets!!! Not to forget all those cakes, stews and goodies my German grandmother always cooked for us.

Enjoy my German kitchen secrets and other exciting stories happening here ...

Greetings from Germany,
Eranie Funderburk

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