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Love is in the air - did you use too much salt today?

Used too much salt?

In Germany there is a saying that if the cook has fallen in love, he mostly uses too much salt and spoils the food. But this is not only the problem of people who have a crush on somebody, it happens when you are in a hurry or without any reason at all. In this case you can start all over again or you can try to reduce the salty taste.

My favorite way of getting rid of too much salt is to put some milk or yogurt into the food. You can even use egg white, because clotted protein assimilates salt.

Another way to avoid salty food is to take a spoon and try to remove all the salt crystals. You also can try one or two spoons full of honey. Please be careful so that in the end your food doesn't taste too sweet. If this already has happened, pour some lemon juice into the pan - sometimes this can help.

Potatoes, bread, carrots even can help you. Just cut these little helpers into big pieces. After letting the food stand for a while the potato-, bread- and carrot-pieces have absorbed all the salt and you can remove them with a spoon. Prunes can also neutralize salt. Just add some prunes to your food, heat everything up for about 15 minutes and then take them out again.

Last but not least you also can cook the whole meal again - just don’t use any salt and as soon as everything is done, mix it together with the salty food.




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